We were delighted to assist Smartdesc LTD in delivering training to Charity and non-profit organisations this week.  Smartdesc is an outsourced IT company that offers strategic and project services, as well as technical support and hardware.

The cybercrime workshop took place at NCVO HQ. the NCVO has over 14000 organisation members in the voluntary sector.

We designed and delivered a ransomware and data breach immersive training using our  View360 Global™ immersive training proprietary platform.

View360 Global™ is an easy to use, versatile, stable, multi-lingual training platform.  It uses a modern-day blended learning approach to education, which transposes the linear paper feed case study principle and provides an immersive learning environment,  This allows participants to learn and be challenged through media-driven exercises through any scenario whether testing policy, resilience or working through an investigative case study. It can be used over a period of hours or days.

To find out more about View360 Global™ or to talk to us about consulting services: please get in touch.



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