View360 Global™

Bespoke Immersive Solutions

Our Cloud-based platform provides an immersive and interactive learning experience where critical incident, complex investigations and crisis or risk management scenarios can be replicated in a safe learning environment.

Our experienced Consultants will fully engage with the Client to design a bespoke program that truly meets their operational needs.

Delivered In 14+ Countries

Immersive Training Solutions

Qualified Trainers

Accredited by Skills for Justice Awards

View360 Global™ : Bringing Reality to Problem Solving

  • User-friendly interface
  • Cloud-based & LAN versions available
  • In platforming video conferencing
  • Private VPN connectivity
  • Deliverable in 90 languages
  • Cost effective training
  • Experiential learning
  • Realistic, dynamic & challenging scenarios
  • Multi-media feeds
  • Facilitator-led
  • Used in 14 countries

Make finding the solution more realistic and interesting, immerse yourself in the situation

User Friendly

The multilingual View360 Global™ platform is easy-to-use with an emphasis on learning rather than navigating complicated operational features.


Our cloud platform uses the latest Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology and private VPN connectivity to ensure your data security needs are met.

Cost Effective

With cloud-based delivery, learning can take place locally or remotely anywhere in the world, helping you deliver cost-effective solutions that reach more people.

Video Conferencing

In-platform video conferencing facilities via a dedicated server provides secure communication with all participants, and for teams to communicate privately within breakout rooms.