Can you recall the last training session you went on?


Can you remember how much you recall from the training session? The chances are that even if the training and trainer were terrific, you forgot 90% of the training within one month. Ebbinghaus’ theory the Forgetting Curve hypothesizes that without attempts to retain information, it will be lost over time.

However, this doesn’t mean that whatever you invest in training is lost; it means that training professionals have to become more creative in their delivery of lessons.

One of those creative strategies has been to harness technology to implement immersive training. Immersive training is very impactful as it allows the learner to learn by doing. It can increase the time pressure and stress of decision making and makes learning fun.

So, what is immersive learning? It is a stimulated and controlled learning situation, with the ability to be added in real life situations and time pressures that may make changes to the learner’s response.


Using a combination of strategic scenarios setting and controlled learning environment: immersive training creates a highly realistic and mentally stimulating, interactive environment for learners. If you consider that children learn through play, it makes sense that adults will too.


By creating a realistic and engaging learning environment, trainers can create real-life situations in a safe and constructive environment, enabling learners to receive practical and engaging experiences. Studies have regularly shown that we frequently show improved learning by doing, so it stands to reason that immersive learning engages participants at a human level.


An immersive learning environment also grabs the participant’s attention, removing them from a textbook space and placing them in a situation where they can demonstrate their decision making and rationale. Doing this provides far greater opportunities for constructive feedback and appraisal than traditional methods. It’s also safer, enabling the learner to create a series of alternative decisions without causing harm to others. Being able to see and judge the results of an alternative course of action are equally as valuable as knowing the correct course of action.


Immersive training also provides an easily accessible opportunity for trainees to train in the same scenario repeatedly. In a similar way to practice shooting on a range, an extended reality programme allows them to hone their thinking and time management skills. With new generations of gamers reaching working age, embracing the technology that they are accustomed to, means that they can use their existing transferable skills to learn by doing, for example by working through a specially constructed critical thinking scenarios to test policy implementation, conduct training needs analysis, gap analysis or decision making at Board level testing business continuity.


View360 Global™ is an easy to use, versatile, stable, multi-lingual training platform that can be used in the modern-day blended learning approach to education and has been used by governments, agencies and businesses all over the world to lead scenario-based training which has been designed by AML Consulting (Global) Ltd.  The platform enables the scenarios to be supported by the delivery documents, images, videos in order to make it relevant to the role, industry or geographical location. It has been used to deliver training to participants in 11 jurisdictions and in various languages including Russian, Romanian. Serbian, Polish, Bosnian, Arabic and Persian.

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