Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Meeting Modern Challenges

Open source information can provide up to 95% of developed intelligence in an enquiry or investigation used by law enforcement and agencies tasked with anti-corruption, human trafficking, fraud and online child protection investigations or by companies or people engaged in the regulated or non-regulated sectors applying the risk based approach.

Our specialist Consultants have extensive global expertise in designing SFJ accredited OSINT training to the public and private sectors. We have successfully delivered this skills training in 16 countries.

Our Clients have included UK and international governmental agencies, MLROs from the banking and insurance sectors, a prominent UK retail store and international donors for whom we have conducted training needs analyses relating to the implementation of OSINT training programs for foreign asset recovery agencies.

Examples of areas in which can assist:

Organisational training needs analysis

Legislative review & gap analysis

Bespoke course design

Undercover online training

Mentoring and developmental programs

Technical Assistance Delivered in 50+ Countries

Immersive Training Solutions

Professionally Qualified Trainers

Accredited by Skills for Justice Awards