Anti Corruption & Good Governance

Anti Corruption & Good Governance

Meeting Modern Challenges

Corruption threatens sustainable economic growth, ethical values and justice. It destabilises society and undermines the rule of law and democracy. We support the fight against corruption and have provided technical assistance in this area for governments, NGO’s and Anti-Corruption Agencies in areas such as the Western Balkans, Africa, Asia and Ukraine.

Our specialist Consultants have extensive global expertise in providing strategic, tactical and technical solutions in the form of capacity building and interactive training to prevent and detect corruption and support the UN Convention on Anti-Corruption (UNCAC).

We have been proud to have been engaged by Clients such as the Council of Europe, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Freedom House & Risk Monitor to support their global anti-corruption programs.

Our Services

Preventative and educational training for the public and private sectors

Legislative review & gap analysis

Bespoke course design

Mentoring and developmental programs

Specialised training for law enforcement agencies

Technical Assistance Delivered in 50+ Countries

Immersive Training Solutions

Professionally Qualified Trainers

Accredited by Skills for Justice Awards

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