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We have been accredited as an Approved Training Centre under the Skills for Justice Awards program to ensure our bespoke design and delivery processes provide quality assured solutions for our Clients.

Technical Assistance Delivered in 50+ Countries

Immersive Training Solutions

L & D Qualified Trainers

Accredited by Skills for Justice Awards

Areas we cover

Anti Corruption & Good Governance

We support the fight against corruption having delivered technical assistance in this area for governments and multi-agencies in areas such as the Caribbean, Western Balkans, Africa, Asia and Ukraine.

Anti Money Laundering

We specialise in providing support around policies, strategies and institutional legislative & regulatory frameworks and the implementation of National Risk Assessments across all sectors.

Combating Organised Crime

Our Consultants are experienced in the areas of law enforcement investigations, prosecution, threat assessments and the combatting organised crime at strategic and tactical levels.

Counter Terrorism

Our consultant practitioners provide strategic & tactical advice and training relating to counter-terrorism. Using intelligence-led policing, technical & covert methodologies.

Countering Terrorist Financing

We offer training for law enforcement and the regulated sector to assist them in implementing best practice to meet these challenges and to implement national strategies & law.

Covert Skills

We have extensive experience in training policy implementation in the field of covert operations at senior management level & as specialist operatives, working in national & international arenas.

Crime Scene Investigation

Our specialist Crime Scene Investigators
can provide accredited and certified
training to various professional
CSI standards.

Financial Investigation & Asset Recovery

We have extensive global expertise in providing strategic, tactical and technical solutions in the form of capacity building and training to the public and private sectors.

Intelligence & Analysis

We can provide various training and analytical solutions around all areas of intelligence including i2 Analyst’s Notebook, link & gap analysis, inference development and critical thinking.

Interview Skills

We are able to assist our clients with training in areas such as the PEACE model the evaluation of truth & credibility and the psychological principles of negotiation and influence.

Mutual Legal Assistance

We have trained Prosecuting authorities and other with the skills needed to understand & implement the full range of international Mutual Legal Assistance and Extradition processes and mechanisms.

Open Source Intelligence

Our Consultants have delivered bespoke OSINT training in 18 countries to the public and private sectors.
Our courses are accredited by SFJ Awards.

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