Mutual Legal Assistance

Mutual Legal Assistance

International Cooperation

Law enforcement practitioners and prosecutors who manage and direct investigations  need to know how international co-operation can be achieved to effect the sharing of intelligence and evidence in other jurisdictions. This also applies to the ability to expedite asset tracing, freezing and confiscation procedures.

We have specialist Consultants who are experienced Prosecutors or who currently work within International Ministries dealing specifically with international cooperation, who can deliver interactive practitioner training that provides professionals with the skills needed to understand the full range of international cooperation mechanisms and how to deal with  Mutual Legal Assistance and Extradition requests  to and from other jurisdictions.

Examples of areas in which can assist:

Bespoke training courses & materials

Institutional procedures & effectiveness

Practical mechanisms & networks for international information sharing

Reciprocal arrangements, statistics and organisational reform

Technical Assistance Delivered in 50+ Countries

Immersive Training Solutions

Professionally Qualified Trainers

Accredited by Skills for Justice Awards