Covert Skills

Covert Skills

Meeting Modern Challenges

To effectively combat national and transnational crime the application of strategic and tactical use of covert skills is required ranging from the use of technical surveillance equipment to the management and use of Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) or Undercover Operatives.

Our Consultant practitioners have extensive experience in the field of covert operations at senior management level and as specialist operatives, working in national and international environments & have attended national courses as instructors and have delivered courses to international law enforcement agencies.

We discuss precise requirements and design the technical assistance to meet specific operational needs, ensuring that we engage with the Client throughout the process.

Our Services

Specialised training for law enforcement agencies

Legislative review & gap analysis

Bespoke course design for implementing special investigation measures

Undercover policing courses

Mentoring and developmental programs


Lawful intercept training

Technical Assistance Delivered in 50+ Countries

Immersive Training Solutions

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