Experiential learning through a single platform

Put your unique training requirements into action with view360global, a feature-packed dynamic, flexible learning platform that gets measurable results.


view360global is a multilingual cloud-based platform packed with features that provides experiential learning solutions where critical incident, complex investigations and crisis or risk management scenarios can be replicated in a safe learning environment.

Make finding the solution more realistic and interesting, immerse yourself in the situation

Accessible Tech

Easy-to-use interface caters for all levels of confidence and experience. The emphasis is on learning rather than navigating complicated features

Integrated Video

An essential in the creation of a genuinely collaborative learning experience. Provides communication for facilatators and participants within breakout rooms


With real-time translation and over 100+ language options, taking part is easy - for everyone

Global Delivery

Bring a diverse, far-flung workforce together in one room with our seamless multi-site solution helping you deliver cost-effective solutions that reach more people

Secure Access

Government standard AWS gives you browser access, with no software installation required ensuring your data security needs are met

Data Capture

All activity is recorded live and downloadable for instant evaluation and analysis

Our experienced Consultants work with you to design a bespoke program that truly meets your operational needs.

view360global : Bringing Reality to Problem Solving

  • User-friendly interface
  • Cloud-based
  • Integrated video
  • Deliverable in 100+ languages
  • Cost effective training
  • Experiential learning
  • Realistic, dynamic & challenging scenarios
  • Multi-media feeds
  • Facilitator-led
  • Used in 40+ countries

Delivered in over 35 Countries

Experiential Learning Solution

Facilitator-led Training

Used in Accredited SFJ Awards Training