Isle Of Man

Isle of Man

Isle of Man Ships Registry – 2018

Delivery of critical incident management exercise relating to international shipping incidents

Isle of Man –2018

Delivered compliance e training to representatives from the IOM regulated sector.

Douglas 2018

We were contracted to deliver a 2 day an Open Source Intelligence Researchers course for Royal Bank of Scotland International. This course was delivered on behalf of our IOM partners, EXPOL

Douglas 2018

Brian Chappell delivered an Interviewing Course for the IOM Ships Registry on behalf of our IOM Partners EXPOL

Douglas 2018

We were asked by the IOM Government to deliver two breakfast cybercrime themed events for Small and Medium Enterprises. Using our immersive platform View360 Global™ we created a simulated ransomware attach on an SME in order test policy and gaps in policy. The exercise was followed by a presentation by Gary Kibbey on modern cybercrime threats and how SMEs should deal with cybercrime attacks, which included policy, prevention and reporting procedures

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